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Welcome to Alchemy Event Studio!

Alchemy Event Studio is an event management and design studio where we create unforgettable occasions for each and every one of our clients. We know that your party has to be visually stunning, unique, and full of joyful surprises. We also know that you want it all to appear effortless and unpretentious.

At Alchemy Event Studio we cultivate and plan experiences exactly like that. It’s a bit like making magic. It’s alchemy…

meet the ladies

At Alchemy Event Studio we have a flair for all the clever little details that make a party one-of-a-kind. We all swoon over beautiful flowers and linens and we get very picky when it comes to flattering lighting and a creative menu. We also like the perfect cocktail, temperatures in the 70’s, a very quick drying mani-pedi and when someone else unloads the dishwasher. What more can we tell you about ourselves?

amy saltzman

kate stone