And the beat goes on…

It has been a doozy of a week and it doesn’t seem to stop, which is exciting and a great deal of fun for us ladies of Alchemy Event Studio. Sleep ? Who has the time for that ?

This past week allowed us Alchemy gals to wear so many different event hats ! For our client who asked for “classic and traditionally pretty,” we created a gorgeous wedding prototype with our friend and uber-planner Helene Popowski. On the other end of the spectrum we were proud to be part of the team that put together a small 1500 person affair for the Atlanta Hawks. The weekend then finished up with a combination of hip food trucks, Dennis Dean Catering, an amazing eleven-piece Cuban orchestra, and a lot of wonderful people contributing to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in a never before used warehouse which needed a big facelift to get her ready for her party debut.

United Distributors Beer Well

With just three of us in the AES office none of this could be done without our amazing friends and partners who literally do all of the heavy lifting… literally. What do you do when you need almost 600 linear feet of black taffeta hung from the 40 foot ceilings of the United Distributors beer well ? We called our sweet Sanders Hulsey with Party Tables who said, “no problem”. When we needed multi-dimensional graphics with built in light elements, Cross Creek stepped up and made amazing things happen for us and for our clients. Looking for creative menus, fun and talented bartenders, and delicious sweet and savory treats ? Dennis Dean Catering made our clients so very happy… All in all, this week alone allowed us to partner with sixteen different companies in order to make our events exactly what our clients expected. That’s a lot of organization, but that’s also the result of a great deal of relationship building and nurturing. Thank you everyone !

This week we’re taking the Alchemy magic on the road to execute events for another of our fantastic clients. We’re very pleased to have the business. We’re also pleased to be able to make connections with other event professionals and expand our circle of partners. It’s what allows our events to be ever-changing and exciting. It also keeps the Alchemy life interesting. We’ll sleep in August !