Our Alchemy dogs are so important to us that we can’t imagine a special occasion without them. Actually, we can’t imagine a general run of the mill Tuesday without them, so here at the Alchemy Event Studio we have a “Dogs Welcome” policy. Samson Gray Stone and Stella Saltzman are in the office everyday greeting and growling at visitors, stealing each other’s toys, and generally keeping us happy and calm as we design our events. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we love when pets are part of a bride and groom’s big day.

1st Photo: Photography – Laura Negri Photography, 2nd Photo: Photography – Denis Reggie Photographers, 3rd Photo: Photography – David Christensen Photography, Guido the Pug on Instagram

The question we always ask when a couple wants Fido in on the fun is, “How does your dog respond to strangers – lots of strangers – all at one time?” Some dogs love the attention and some pooches just have eyes for their biped parents so they don’t even notice the other guests, but for some dogs a wedding is a very stressful occasion. If that’s the case, perhaps you’ll want to find other ways to include your pooch in the festivities.

Planner Lindsay Sims of Toast Events worked with the geniuses at Hinote to design beverage signage to honor her clients’ dog. What about personalized canine coasters or take-home gifts for the guests’ pets who missed the party? The only limit is really your imagination!

Sign Design: Hinote, Photography: Almond Leaf Studios

Thanks to Invision Events for these precious dog treats!

However you choose to include your four-legged loves into the “Big Day”, know that the ladies of Alchemy are in full support. Samson Gray and Stella dig it too…