Excuse us while we revel in the spotlight for a quick moment, but we can’t help but enjoy our five minutes of fabulous in print.


We were honored to be included in the latest Connect Corporate feature on what’s trending in event design along with such rockstars as Justin Bolognino (founder and creative director of Meta) and Revelry Event Designers’ president and CEO Edgar Zamora.  A few tidbits to share:

It’s All About AR, Not VR


“Everyone is in a tizzy over virtual reality, but augmented reality is the real game changer,” says Justin Bolognino. As you may know, AR is projecting digital information through a device, like a smartphone or iPad, so people can engage with each other. “You use your community to connect, and it’s way more powerful and ultimately the end goal,” he says. For more techie wisdom from Bolognino, click here to read more.

Old is New Again, But Only in Good Taste


Zamora stresses the art of presentation and the use of classic trends paired with something new, like a neon sign from the ‘80s with custom floral designs to create a sexy, moody affair. “You can have an event [with] the most expensive and luxurious [decor] in the world, but if you don’t display it correctly…forget it,” he says. Zamora shares a few other design mantras here.

When It Comes To Food, You Can Go High and Low


Although one of our favorite party moments involved a 6 ft.-tall fir tree made from dowel rods filled with hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we also love to customize our menus to fit the occasion. For Krug Champagne president and CEO Maggie Henriquez, we asked the chef to create a lobster arepa, a nod to the classic Venezuelan dish. Why? She’s a fascinating woman from Venezuela who went to Harvard, lives in Paris and runs a classic European vintner, and this was her first visit to Georgia. It wasn’t a place for collards or pimento cheese. Want more? You know you do, so click here.