How many times have we met with a beautiful, excited bride and her mother and listened to them describe their perfect day – something that is uniquely them, memorable, different – and then heard the request for a wedding in white, cream, and blush? More times than we can count. And while those colors certainly make for a gorgeous and classic soft color palette and you can’t go wrong with them, we have to admit that we get very excited when clients are open to other interesting color possibilities.

Color is powerful. Science has shown with certainty that color can change moods. Colors have their own perceived personalities. Yellow is “happy” and red is “bold”. Frank Sinatra said, “Orange is the happiest color,” and it’s our favorite citrus fruit, but I digress…

Orange Pantone Chart

Recently, a group of scientists deemed Pantone 448C the ugliest color in the world, while also naming “Greenery” 15-0343 the color of 2017. That being said, when color is used properly and combined thoughtfully – any color – it can make a wedding truly memorable.

2017 Pantone Color of the Year & “Ugliest Color in the World”

This past summer we worked with a wedding couple who referenced the rich tones of Dutch master paintings for their reception. It’s not your usual wedding request – the Dutch masters often evoke dark moodiness – but once we decided to embrace the look we really ended up loving the rich and romantic results. The centerpieces really “popped” in the soft St. Regis Atlanta ballroom and we are eagerly awaiting the next couple wanting daring deep colors.

Color is just one more tool in your bag of tricks to create a mood and make your wedding or event quintessentially you. Don’t fear color. To paraphrase FDR , there’s nothing to fear but fear itself !