In the spirit of sharing — see Dennis Dean’s family recipe here — we continue our knowledge quest with Shawne Jacobs, President and Owner of Anne Barge Join us as we delve into her world, from the latest trends to her perfect date night…

But first, a bit of background… Armed with a fashion education and a passion for eveningwear, Shawne joined the renowned bridal company in 2002. Wearing two gorgeous dresses at her own wedding, Shawne and her husband recently took over Anne Barge maintaining a close working friendship with Anne Barge herself.



Both of Shawne’s Beautiful Wedding Gowns


Alchemy Event Studio: What are your top three bridal tips?

Shawne Jacobs: Don’t be afraid to add some color — you don’t have to keep it traditional with white or ivory. Try adding blush, greys, or blues. Find a style and cut that flatters your body type and make sure it’s timeless. You don’t want something too trendy and “Ready to Wear!” Twenty to thirty years from now, you want to still love your dress and not ask yourself, “What was I thinking?”

AES: Who is your dream bride?

SJ: I love a bride that has an opinion and speaks up. It is hard to guide someone in the right direction when you don’t know how you can help them. My ideal bride to dress would be Taylor Swift. She is refined, elegant, and classic, yet she still remains modern. She isn’t afraid to take risks and defines the Anne Barge bride.

AES: What is your favorite accessory for a bride?

SJ: There is something magical about putting on a veil for the first time. Even something so simple can make a bride’s face light up and make it feel real.

AES: What is a new trend that Anne Barge is buying into?

SJ: Removable overskirts. We are seeing more and more of those on the red carpet, and that translates well into bridal gowns. For example, Sophia Vergara wore an overskirt on her wedding day. I think we’ll also see an abundance of better necklines. The bridal industry is moving away from making JUST strapless dresses.

AES: What is a trend you would recommend a woman stay away from?

SJ: Lingerie inspired wedding gowns. A dress can still be sexy, yet refined and not look like lingerie.

AES: What is the most popular gown you ever designed and what made it such a great seller?

SJ: The LF161, which is also known as “The Pocket Dress.” It was a part of the Spring 2008 Bridal Collection. It had architectural pin tucks in silk taffeta that worked for many venues, and it looked really great on brides from size 0 to size 22.

"The Pocket Dress"

“The Pocket Dress”

AES: So now, some questions about you. What is your idea of a perfect date night?

SJ: My husband and I book a room at the St. Regis for a “Staycation”. We try a new restaurant in town, go to see a movie, and sleep in the next morning. We try to do it about 3 times a year.

AES: What are three things you never leave home without?

SJ: My Erin Condren Calendar, my phone, and baby wipes!


Erin Condren Calendar