Phases of Life

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Phases of life… and friendships…

February 26, 2016

We throw parties. We love things that are fun and pretty and shiny and we thrive on creating events for clients that mark new phases in life – weddings, Mitzvahs, baby showers, anniversaries, new business ventures… The work involves long hours and stressful situations, but we love what we do and we create very tight bonds with our fellow eventologists. We laugh deliriously together at 3:00 AM with happy successes and we support each other when the worst case scenarios happen. The phrase, “the strongest of steel is forged in the hottest fire,” could easily have been written for the families we event producers create with one another…

This week have we have lost a dear friend who was deep in the event trenches with us and we are faced with marking a different phase of life. Bebe was kind and funny and always there to help. She’d reflex roses or lay table linens or light hundreds of candles with horribly faulty flame throwers. She kept great secrets and she told you what you needed to hear and she was tough as nails. She would also just sit with you to be there when things got crazy. That’s what friends do and that’s what we’ve been focused on doing for her these last few weeks – being with her when the next phase started to get very crazy.

In all the happiness of what we do we shouldn’t forget why we love this business. We love our fellow event producers. We’re all in the same weird tribe. We should try to remember that more often.