Healthfest 2016

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Happy Chinese New Year!

February 11, 2016

We know that Sunday night was Superbowl Sunday and we certainly enjoyed the nachos and the sliders and the cheese dip and the pigs in a blanket and the empanadas — BUT Monday was something else… It was Chinese New Year and the Year of the Monkey!

We take lunch very seriously here at Alchemy Event Studio. How can one be expected to be creative and detail focused without a healthy and delicious meal come mid-day ? That is why each day we begin discussing lunch around 10:30 AM. As we select linens and talk through color schemes and floral designs, lunch suggestions just get seamlessly woven into the event design chatter. When all is said and done we very often pile into Kate’s car and make a big dumpling run…

We love Polish pierogi and Russian pelmini and Japanese gyoza and we LOVE Chinese dumplings of all shapes and fillings. Have you had the soup dumplings on Buford Highway at Chef Liu? Amazing. How about shrimp filled Hargow at Canton House? Delicious. Steamed pork buns almost anywhere? Perfect. We love them all. And we love them all with a good dose of hot chili oil.

It’s never too late to wish everyone a Gong Xi Fa Cai (gong-zee-fah-chai) and suggest you all do what Alchemy did – go eat some dumplings to celebrate. We enjoyed them with one of our favorite industry peeps, Sanders Hulsey, from Party Tables at another one of our favorite dumpling spots, Hong Kong Harbour.

Cheers to Chinese New Year and all tasty foods stuffed into delicious wrappers!!

The Year of the Monkey

The Year of the Monkey

Alchemy Gibberish, New Employee, Healthfest 2016

Happy New Year!!

January 12, 2016

2016… What will it bring for Alchemy Event Studio? Well, who really knows but here are our thoughts on year two of the little event engine that could.

We welcome our first employee, sweet Alchemist Olivia Yocum, to the office. With her big smile and engaging personality we’re all very pleased! War Damn Eagle!


We are already hard at work creating “pretty” with some wonderful brides and we’re soooooo happily partnering with amazing and talented coordinators like Helene Popowski, Louise Hanlon and Ashley Baber in 2016.

We are all going to lose a lot of unwanted fat and inches and look a lot like we did four or five years ago. Guaranteed. Healthfest 2016 has already begun and we are sure we already look longer and leaner!

We are not going to drink bad wine in the new year. Ever.

2016 will be a year of better time management – 74 events was a lot for us!

We are going to read more and watch a little less Bravo TV…just a little less…

2016 will be another year of smiling, laughing, and quality beach time. Kate is very pale.

Did I already say we are going to be fit and healthy? We’re also going to have lustrous hair.

Cheers to all of the above and to your 2016 becoming exactly what you want it to be!