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Be Our Guest

June 16, 2017

We decided to mix things up this week at Alchemy Event Studio and call on linen and drapery extraordinaire, Sanders Hulsey of Party Tables. The Alchemists know ALMOST everything there is to know about him, but we decided to dive a little deeper and introduce him to all our loyal readers…you know who you are!

Now welcome to the Alchemy Stage – Mr. Sanders Hulsey:

Alchemist – “Tell us a little about yourself.”

Sanders – “Well I have been in the industry a long time. My Alchemy Jersey number is 97 if that gives you any hints…I started at C & A Signature Events as an Event Designer and I just had a flair for decorating. I have now been with Party Tables for 9 years and the title I have given myself is ‘Sales and Marketing’ but I do everything from selling and designing events with Party Tables inventory, to totin’ and schlepping. All in all, I make things pretty!”


Alchemist – “What is one thing that people don’t know about you?”

Sanders – “I am a stand-up comedian in my spare time, but I don’t perform nearly as much as I’d like however…mainly cuz it don’t pay the bills.”


Alchemist – “If you were requesting your last meal, what would it be?”

Sanders – “Since I’m boujee, I would like some ceviche and some fresh fish from the Caribbean Islands with pizza on the side. Who cares about being healthy at that point?” (In case this made you as hungry as it did us – we have a ceviche recipe handy!)


Alchemist – “How did you end up in the event industry?”

Sanders – “Very much by chance. It was one of those things where I was a part time set up person at C & A Signature Events. I went on to be part owner and that is where it all began.”


Alchemist – “What is your ‘typical’ day-to-day routine?”

Sanders – “Routine – that’s funny! The only thing that stays the same each day is my coffee intake…other than that, emails, trying to get the new show room ready for this Summer’s open house (Be on the look out for the date!), and putting out fires – you never know when there will be a linen emergency! (At this point in the interview, Sanders saw something shiny. ROUTINE. OVER.)


Alchemist – “If you were given the opportunity to have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?”

Sanders – “Charlize Theron because she’s hot, kickass, and funny – everything we all strive to be!” (We get to eat with Sanders often, so we aren’t offended it isn’t us!)


Alchemist – “What do you find is the biggest challenge in the industry?”

Sanders – “As a creative partner, I think one of the biggest challenges is getting everyone on the same page before the event. There are so many events that you get on site and vendors don’t know what part everyone is playing. Having detailed pre-con meetings to figure out the event logistics before day-of is always helpful, but it doesn’t always work that way.”


Alchemist – “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

Sanders – “I always wanted to be an actor or a pilot…certainly not a one-armed drape hanger!”


Alchemist – “What is your favorite hobby when you aren’t working?

Sanders – “Volleyball. I may eventually hit the court with my walker and an oxygen tank in tow, but I’m gonna play until they cart me off!” (BUMP, SET, SPIKE?)


Alchemist – “What is your favorite part of an event?”

Sanders – “Each event is so different and I have had so many memorable moments in my 20+ years in the industry, but my favorite part will always be when everything is set up, the client walks in and says ‘OH MY GOD. This is so beautiful!’ You know it was exactly what they were expecting and that is why I love doing what I do.”


Alchemist – “If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have 3 things, what would they be?”
Sanders – “1. Snips 2. Zip Ties – so I could build a hut 3.Wifi – so I can check Instragram. Okurrr.” (Channel your inner Kardashian)


We really enjoyed sitting down, Barbara Walters style, to learn the inner workings of Mr. #PTFab! Thank you Sanders for agreeing to lay it all out for us over one of our favorite meals of the day (well…they are all our favorite). Since social media is all the rage these days, we encourage you all to go…right now…and follow Party Tables on Instagram! And if you aren’t friends with him already, what are you waiting for?!

Alchemy Chatter, Friendships, Eventologists, Alchemy Event Studio, Alchemists Do It Better, Holiday Weekend

Our Holiday

June 1, 2017

Don’t get us wrong, every day at the Alchemy Event Studio is like a fantasy vacation. It’s like smooth sailing on a chartered Caribbean yacht vacation with Ben in the kitchen and Rocky in a mermaid tail on the deck. That being said, we all needed a break this Memorial Day. We are gearing up for some out of town events, a few fantastic weddings, and – as always – some creative problem solving for all of our clients, so a little recharging of the event batteries was just what the doctor ordered.

Bravo’s “Below Deck”

Alchemist Olivia took her talents to the beach with her posse of party girls. Two members of her squad are also official members of the Alchemy Foraging Team, so we were all for the ladies surfing and sunning. We may even allow Olivia to expense a round of drinks. Maybe.

Lady Kate also headed to the water, but Mrs. Stone was attending a wedding rather than working on a wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple and bonus points to Kate who (we hope) didn’t try to micromanage the wedding installation. It would have been good if Kate had applied sunscreen…really…

Sassy Ms. Miller enjoyed an Atlanta staycation. She was a pupsitter to Bulleit– we’re actually ready for her to take the poodle plunge and get one of her own – and she relaxed with friends. Ashley enjoyed some pool time and caught up on her TV viewing. The lady relaxed !

Ms. Saltzman’s Memorial Day was spent with master-level chess and reading Plato. Actually, Amy’s holiday weekend included lots of laundry and dishwasher unloading – bliss – along with friend time at various dining tables and swimming pools and a side of live music thrown in for good measure.

All in all, it was a great holiday for all of the Alchemists and we hope it was a wonderful weekend for our friends and clients as well. Let’s not forget that all of this fun and relaxation is made possible by those who do the hard work so we can reap the rewards. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of those in uniform. We do not lose sight of the sacrifices many have made and continue to make…

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On-site Style

March 22, 2017

It’s a glamorous job, this event planning and event designing. Every day is different and every day is nothing like what we thought it would be! It involves hanging out alongside nasty reeking dumpsters and grease pits on venue loading docks. It involves crawling on all fours in ballrooms, backyards, and boardrooms. Sometimes it even involves scraping dirty dishes in hastily rigged prep tents and then frantically searching the scrap bins for lost client jewelry. That being said, we also have to speak with clients and potential clients while looking like professional women and smile as gorgeous brides float down aisles. It’s yin and yang. So, what to wear for such dichotomous duties that often times mix the sacred and the profane all in the same day? Well, it can be a conundrum.

We Alchemists have a few “uniforms” but our on-site style is still evolving. All black is the gold standard, but we wanted to mix it up a bit. We took the advice of our clever friend and fashionista Sanders Hulsey with Party Tables when he suggested we get shirts with our “Class Of” on the back. People often ask what the numbers on the back of our shirts mean, and here’s the scoop – each Alchemist’s number is the year she first got into this business. Now you know. High numbers mean old knowing event hands at work. Low numbers mean youthful energy!

Alchemy Jerseys

Now, those in the biz know that nothing can cramp your style on event day quite like when your dogs are barking. We don’t mean when Stella and Samson are barking like they do at the FedEx driver, but when your feet really hurt. Working a party you can easily log 10,000 steps before lunch. Smart and comfortable footwear is a must. We love our teal colored Converse. We love simple black Yosi Samra flats. We even love our black Frye boots in winter and a super sassy pair of Birkenstocks with a good pedicure in summer. Variety is the spice of life, but comfort is our watchword and everyone’s feet are different. Kate would also remind everyone about arch support. She has arch issues…

Once the body and the feet are covered, the remaining details for our on-site dressing are really all about semi-stylish task efficiency. We Alchemists used to carry a bag with many MANY pockets for all we thought we might need on-site. The bags looked OK, but we were forever misplacing things inside the bags. You might be shocked at how many times you can you lose your phone while actually having your phone. Our new on-site tool belt – a small black Baggallini – seems to have helped a bit with that issue. The bag is very lightweight and can carry our pins, laser measurers, gaff tape, etc., but is it our last stop? Will this change again? Very possibly. Probably. If you have ideas for something else, the suggestion box is open!

So, are there any other Alchemist demands for on-site preparedness? In the end, it all comes down to the honest and cheesy truth that the best thing to wear on event day is a smile and an air of confidence from knowing that you’re prepared for whatever might come your way. The only way to get those things, however, is to do all the work beforehand and behind the scenes. You have to walk the nasty crusty loading dock before you get to welcome the client into the gorgeous atmosphere you created for them. If you do it right your feet won’t hurt in the process.

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Phases of life… and friendships…

February 26, 2016

We throw parties. We love things that are fun and pretty and shiny and we thrive on creating events for clients that mark new phases in life – weddings, Mitzvahs, baby showers, anniversaries, new business ventures… The work involves long hours and stressful situations, but we love what we do and we create very tight bonds with our fellow eventologists. We laugh deliriously together at 3:00 AM with happy successes and we support each other when the worst case scenarios happen. The phrase, “the strongest of steel is forged in the hottest fire,” could easily have been written for the families we event producers create with one another…

This week have we have lost a dear friend who was deep in the event trenches with us and we are faced with marking a different phase of life. Bebe was kind and funny and always there to help. She’d reflex roses or lay table linens or light hundreds of candles with horribly faulty flame throwers. She kept great secrets and she told you what you needed to hear and she was tough as nails. She would also just sit with you to be there when things got crazy. That’s what friends do and that’s what we’ve been focused on doing for her these last few weeks – being with her when the next phase started to get very crazy.

In all the happiness of what we do we shouldn’t forget why we love this business. We love our fellow event producers. We’re all in the same weird tribe. We should try to remember that more often.