About Us

At Alchemy Event Studio we are a company of event planners with a flair for all the clever little details that make a party one-of-a-kind. We swoon over beautiful flowers and linens, and get very picky when it comes to flattering lighting and a creative menu. We also like the perfect cocktail, temperatures in the 70’s, a very quick drying mani-pedi and when someone else unloads the dishwasher. What more can we tell you about ourselves and our penchant for wedding and event planning?


We believe that to create a cohesive and distinctly inspired party – no matter the size – every element must be carefully managed and overseen by one event planning team with a focus on innovation and aesthetics from beginning to end. Alchemy Event Studio’s approach to wedding and event planning is unique in that we offer both planning and coordination services, with a background in award winning event design.